About Sutton Counselling

We are a voluntary counselling agency providing counselling to the community of Sutton and surrounding areas. We have no geographical catchment area.​

We provide a service which is affordable for the clients’ means, and which is appropriate for the local population. Our success in this is reflected in the mix of our client group which broadly matches the demographic of the borough of Sutton in terms of age, gender and ethnicity.​

We offer both long term (up to two years) and brief focussed (12 or 24 sessions) psychodynamic counselling to individuals, as well as long term group therapy in our slow-open group.​

We offer bursary support to people who are financially disadvantaged to allow them to access our services at a reduced fee, and we work in tandem with our local Refugee Network to provide counselling to refugees and asylum seekers.​

We are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and have developed into a respected charity providing a reliable and trusted service.​

Our voluntary counsellors work within the BACP ethical framework, with many having achieved individual accreditation and others working towards it. They receive weekly supervision from an experienced and professionally recognised clinician.​

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We have gained considerable experience of addressing the mental health needs of the community since our establishment in 2001.​

We hope the information here answers your initial questions but please do contact us by phone on 020 8661 7869 or email us at info@suttoncounselling.co.uk for more information or an informal chat.

To find out more about short term and long term services at Sutton Counselling you can read our Counselling page.